No Man’s Land

Whenever these two hit the stage together it is certain to be a sell-out. Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart do just this in the acclaimed production of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land, produced by Sean Mathias.

It has been said that whilst Nobel Prize laureate Harold Pinter has written many, many plays, this is one of the most entertaining of his scripts, written in 1974 and premiered on the stage of the Old Vic in 1975.

The story is around 4 gentlemen, 2 of whom are in their sixties, (Hirst and Spooner) one in his thirties (Foster) and one in his forties (Briggs) – all reportedly named after cricket players!

Hirst is played by Patrick Stewart, Spooner by Ian McKellen. They are joined on stage by Owen Teale as Briggs and Damien Molony as Foster.

Hirst is an alcoholic, Spooner is a failed poet, Foster & Briggs are both in the employ of Hirst. After a drinking session in the local pub, Hirst and Spooner return to Hirst’s stately house. After more drinks, and ever-more unbelievable stories, the power game starts, which is much complicated when the two sinister employees arrive home.

Rarely do you get the treat of such actors on the stage in one production of an unbelievable comedy classic.  Not to be missed, and with tickets now on sale, only until 17th December, now would be the time to buy.

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