Royal Opera House

We have a very wide range of new shows on sale at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

These include La Traviata, which is possibly one of the most popular operas and returns to the Royal Opera House for a summer run with Russian soprano Ekaterina Bakanova and American soprano Corinne Winters sharing the role of Violetta opposite Brazilian tenor Atalla Ayan as Alfredo.

La Traviata tickets are available from £71 for a booking period between 14th June and 4th July 2017.

Antonia Pappano will conduct a new version of Verdi’s setting of the Shakespeare tragedy Otello between 21st June and 15th July.  Otello is played by Jonas Kaufmann and Gregory Kunde; Desdemona is played by Maria Agresta and Dorothea Roschmann; and Iago by Ludovic Tezier and Zeljko Kucici. Otello tickets are now available from £70.00.

Mitridate, re di Ponto is booking from 26th June to 7th July 2017. The sons of the warrior Mitridate are both in love with their father’s fiancee – one of them is determined to stay loyal to his father, the other vows never to yield. When Mitridate, the warrior, finds out that one son is ready to betray him, and the other has the love of his fiancee, he decides that revenge on them all is the only way.  Mitridate, re di Ponto tickets are on sale now from £31.00.

Turandot is Puccini’s final opera and Christine Goerke and Lise Lindstrom take the title role in this Andrei Serban production.

After learning that Princess Turandot will not marry unless her husband-to-be can answer her  riddles, Prince Calaf decides to take up the challenge.  Turandot tickets are on sale for a booking period between th July and 16th July from £45.00.

The Mariinsky Ballet will open its London season with Don Quixote from 24th July to 5th August. Don Quixote is, unsurprisingly, set in Spain and brings to the stage unbelievable choreography and dancing by the brilliant Mariinsky dancers and Minkus irresistible music. Don Quixote tickets are on sale from £62.00.

For just two days – 3rd and 4th August – the Mariinsky Ballet will perform Anna Karenina. This is a revival of the adaptation by Alexi Ratmansky of the Tolstoy novel.  This production was an amazing success when performed at the Royal Opera House 6 years ago and is one not to miss with such a limited run. Anna Karenina tickets are on sale from £62.00.

Following on from Don Quixote and Anna Karenina the Mariinsky Ballet brings us Contrasts – a mixed programme of Alonso’s Carmen Suite, McGregor’s Infra and Petipa’s Paquita Grand pas. These three productions are all stunning bringing us a sensual ballet in Carmen Suite, British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s Infra and Spanish excitement and passion in Paquita Grand pas. Tickets for Contrasts, this mixed programme, are on sale from £62.00.

The conclusion of the Mariinsky Ballet’s summer run at the Royal Opera House is La Bayadere, a great classical ballet of love, betrayal and redemption set in India. Booking from 10th to 12th August, La Bayadere tickets are on sale from £62.00.

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