The Farther

The Farther, starring Kenneth Cranham, Lia Williams and Colin Tierney,  is coming to Wyndham’s Theatre in London, at the end of September and we will have tickets on sale soon. The Farther won the 2014 Moliere Award for best play in France.

Andre has dementia, and Anne needs to cope with the demands that loving and caring for her father brings, alongside her own life and relationships.

The subject matter may seem rather grim, but this play is not grim as it lets the audience see things through the eyes and mind of a dementia sufferer as the world becomes ever more muddled. In fact, what comedy there is in such circumstances is found and brought to the attention of the audience, even as there is the cruelty of love and limits of patience also portrayed.

Colin Tierney covers Pierre’s resentments behind false smiles, Lia Williams does not seek to make us feel sympathy for Anne and Kenneth Cranham portrays Andre perfectly as fierce, charming, amusing, exasperating and eventually broken.

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