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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a ground-breaking Immersive Theatrical Adventure, plunges you into the incredible Universe of Doctor Who.

1940 – it’s the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses. Weakened and beaten back as the fracture’s multiplied out of control, they’re close to defeat.

From producers Immersive Everywhere – the creative minds behind London’s longest-running and critically acclaimed immersive theatre production, The Great Gatsby – and officially licensed by BBC Studios, Doctor Who: Time Fracture will welcome its first UNIT recruits to HQ in Spring 2021.

Earth as we know it is at stake – now is the time for you to step up and be the hero. We’ll travel to impossible places, confronting menacing monsters and ancient aliens along the way. It’s a journey across space and time to save our race, and our beautiful planet.

UNIT HQ at Immersive London Details

London Underground Icon Tube lines: Circle, Jubilee

London Underground Icon Nearest tube: Bond Street

Congestion Zone Icon In congestion zone?: Yes

Facilities at UNIT HQ at Immersive London


UNIT HQ at Immersive London Location

19 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5LE
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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

UNIT HQ at Immersive London, London

Running until:
Sun 13th March 2022

Tickets from
£ 68.00