Housemates Returns: Before I Go

Brixton House present

Written by Tobi King Bakare (previously part of Housemates Festival 2023)


A collective noun for a bunch of boys or men, particularly your own group of mates.

Ajani can talk. He can host parties, talk to girls, charm any living being. However, he finds it hard to express himself to the people he cares about the most. When he dies and gets stuck in Limbo, he is given an ultimatum: “Learn how to ‘properly’ communicate or remain here forever”. Ajani takes on the quest and embarks on a poetic journey of discovery, unlearning and healing.

‘Rhythm and flow’

Before I Go runs with a live drummer who acts as the pulse. When expressing himself, Ajani jumps in between verse and prose electrifying the ethereal space.

In Ajani’s reflection, he teaches us not be afraid to express ourselves even with the many barriers we may face.

Focusing on being black, male and working class.

Although Before I Go shares a universal message, Before I Go is for the Mandem.

Important Information

Contains Death, mentions of Violence. Production warnings: Flashing Lights, Haze, Explosion, Loud Music.

Age Restrictions

Ages 14+.

Performance Times

Now taking bookings for performances from Mon 15th July 2024 until Sat 27th July 2024.

Show times for each day are below.















Housemates Returns: Before I Go photo from the show Housemates Returns: Before I Go photo from the show
Housemates Returns: Before I Go photo from the show

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Housemates Returns: Before I Go

Brixton House, Brixton

Running until: Sat 27th July 2024

Running time: 1hr.