Death of a Salesman Returns

Death of a Salesman is not a new play, but it will return to London at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, with tickets now on sale for April 2015 only.

I watched this play 2 years ago in Sydney, Australia. It is a sad play in many ways. We struggle for our future, hard work will bring its just rewards for our retirement – and yet what happens when that all goes wrong? What happens when our hopes and dreams disappear?

Willy Loman and his son Biff portray this tragic scenario in a very poignant way.

Antony Sher and Alex Hassell play Willy and Biff in Arthur Miller’s 1949 classic play, with direction by Gregory Doran.

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  1. Tickets are only currently available between 2nd April and 2nd May, this is a short time for such a classic, well known play and I would advise getting tickets sooner rather than later.

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